Adventures in Kitsch Launch 2006

and so i managed to make my way down to the Adventures In Kitsch-launch event down at Bras Basah ... and there i was @ the dot of 2pm, with me piss-ass digicam and courage on the ready - when it seemed things were sort-of on a slow-roll (mighty hot and humid day, i reckon) and of coz i saundered into Basheer's and promptly parted with me hard-earned-moolah for a coupla dvds (and thereby restricting my "spending-ability" in ye toyshop) - and i blame it all on "Carl". (*kiddin* :p)

Carl's the proud-owner (and uber-friendly dude) of this spanking new designer-vinyl-shop and lemme tell you - never had i controlled so much of me own excitement and drool; in public. the shelves were lined with vinyl-goodness, teasing me and taunting me to embrace them and to take them home ... but alas, me weakened-wallet "deterred" me from being fully-consumed by the designer-vinyl-darkside ... and i had but my digicam-clicks to distract me from plastic-withdrawal-symptoms ... and here are some pictures of the shop/gallery-space @ my multiply :)

on-hand was a very decent vinyl-buffet-spread = from Kozik's Smoking Labbit to Woodring's Frank (and ima coming back for that, make no mistake about it!). 10" Icebots from Dalek, Obey Giant's Smoking Joe (contemplation to "complete" my new collection, dammit), Unkle's Nosferatu, Joe Ledbetter's blue variants for Mr.Bunny and Fire Cat (!!!!), Scary-Girl figs (*urgh*), Circus Punks' plushes and so much more, that in the heat of it all, i had forgotten to snap pictures of any much of the toys! KAOZ! ... altho too bad they didn't seem to have any Tinpos tho ... *sigh*

personally i've mixed feelings about a (new) designer-vinyl-shop ... in recent times, seems the "fever" for designer-vinyls (in singapore, anyways) has been on a slight decline (and no, i have no proven facts nor figures :p) - one wonders the fate or survival of such a "niche-market" within the island of singapore (but of coz GoKitsch still maintains an online-entity, natch) and i sure as heck hopes everyone succeeds lor! :) ... tho somehow tis seems "fair", as it wittles out the "vinyl-tourists" from the "passionate collectors" - and alla this tis cool really, coz my "primary-addiction"; is to 1/6th -scaled action figures anyways, innit? ... but have i ever told you that t'was actually Michael Lau's Crazy Children that got me back into toy-collecting again? after decades of ignorant-bliss? and from Lau's vinyls to Eric So's, to Due-G, to the world of streetwear for 12-inch-figures! *oh how vicious a toy-cycle we all live in* ... and of coz i digress ...

or maybe for myself, most times vinyl-retail is spread out amongst a few shops and there are specifics to hunt down and very rarely does one get "overwhelmed", as such ... but now? under-one-single-roof? - the failed logic of "don't see it, don't need it, hence don't need to buy it" = is hurled out the window, coz there's no way one can resist the darkside of vinyl, that has been embodied into the Deathstar; that which is GoKitsch's City Gallery ... and i mean it in a good way, really! *heh*

[posted circa 26.02.06]

Customized MAD*Ls by local artists/customizers on display:
MAD-customs left-to-right: Lil Pink Devil / PhuEk! / Sheryo ::: ZERO / OneTwoDelta / PixelMunky / Garden Silly/Eeshaun / more on my Multiply-album :)

*click-on icons to view larger image in my flickr*

*wow* ... and my toy-lurvin-heart swells with (nationalistic) pride as i scan every-inch of these vinyl-creations = *this here's da good shitte, right here!* :)

[posted circa 27.02.06]

more clicks for your viewing pleasure :)

customizers in attendance:

do pop by my Multiply-album for more pics of the "live-customization" @ City Gallery - inclusive of Final Customed-Munnys and Prints, as well as a few "guests"! :)

i didn't manage to get as detailed-pix as much as i'd like to have, and on final display were PhuEk's and ZERO's Munnys, and The Killer Gerbil's:


[posted circa 27.02.06]

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