"Red Tongued Dog" Murals by Ben Qwek for Guinness SG


The "Red Tongued Dog Mural" was done by Singapore-based illustrator Ben Qwek (www.benqwek.com / of Organisation of Illustrators Council) and his team, for Guinness Singapore, and took over 100 hours to complete, now condensed into 13 intense seconds (in the time-lapse video seen below).

FYI: "Ang Ji Gao" is the local slang for "Guinness Stout", describing the animal as depicted on the label of this Irish alcoholic brew specific to Singapore, where the "Blood Wolfe" or "Red Tongued Dog" appeared!

The above featured mural at 64 Horne Road, was a part of three walls done for Guinness SG, including Koon BKT Bistro in Lavender Street, and another one in Jalan Besar.