Utterubbish @ Singapore Design Festival 2007

UTTERUBBISH: is a collection of UseLess Ideas, an independently curated design event that made its debut as the feature event of the Singapore Design Festival 2007.
"Utterubbish is a unique design experience that presents ideas, works and exhibits by 30 leading international and local designers and creators unified in their exploration on how design can create value for individuals, society and the world, whether Social, Cultural, Emotional, Functional, Economic, Commercial or Intellectual. It fully integrates an exhibition, a conference, talks and workshops, a publication and a retail concept store to engage audiences in presentations that dramatically highlight the role and direction design plays in creating a sustainable future."

currently on display at City Hall Building near Raffles City (tis on the 4th floor of the former Supreme Court, entrance via main steps facing the Padang) between November 29th til December 16th - overall t'was an interesting trip, moreso because i've been a tad out of touch with "design" (per se) for quite a period of time, so much so my "appreciation" of aesthetics seems highly suspect, but nevertheless t'was an eye-opener for most, crinkled-brow for some ... onwards!

greeted by supremely friendly and helpful staff on the fourth floor lobby, i was granted a waiver of the SGD$5 entrance-fee when i proclaimed myself a "blogger" (bring a business card in lieu) and off i went with a slogan'd wrist-strap (and proud to be a blogger at this juncture) for a leisurely troddle and a spot of snappity-snaps which i share here (but alas i scribbled not in my trusty notebook, hence the unlabeled pictures herein - apologies to all :p).

creative use of materials and layout (tho confusing at times, but of coz the theme
of exploration may be lost on an impatient bugger like me, so there LOL)

i was pretty enchanted with the FOOD DESIGN-section :)

in closing, here's the only video i managed to take, of a room filled with
white punch-bags (again, for which i'd forgotten to note down by whom)