Displacementary (2006)

come 30th of September, local streetart+graf maestros will descend upon the City Gallery
@ Bras Basah Complex (Level 4), and show us what DISPLACEMENTARY is all about:

"Synopsis: Seven unconventional artist, one conventional space. In their first ever group exhibition since their inception in late 2003, ARTVSTS will create a commentary about the displacement of art and how it is perceived by seven street based artists. Exploring a constrained sterile environment as a gallery and injecting it with a street sense. The displacement of art as we know it, from what art should be and what it should look like. Stepping away from the puristic thought of art movements be it graffiti/street art or fine arts, they will explore and approach art making it in their own eclectic way. Instead of putting things in place, they choose to put it out of place." [via]

*download / view entire poster here*

The Artvsts are:
LilPinkDevil / Maes2ro / OneTwoDelta / Orkibal / PhuEk! / TheKillerGerbil / ZERO

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as i stealthily (of coz i exaggerate) barged into made my way into a severely packed opening launch of the DISPLACEMENTARY exhibition @ the City Gallery (an hour late no less *paiseh*), i was overwhelmed by the works displayed before me (no exaggeration). the pride i felt for these folks (whom i only "knew" via the www) put a wide inner smile and frown on my chubby face. "smile" becoz these guys were singaporean and made good they have (apologies for my yoda-moment :p) ... and "frown" becoz of the fear of not being able to take proper/good pictures of the artworks before me. i dare not assume that i've done justice to their works and all i can offer to do, is to let the images speak for themselves.

Displacementary Launch images
(taken 30th September 2006 - apologies for slow download as there's over 100-pics :p)

to viewers/readers: do use the images as you will, i only ask that the following artists be credited ... and mayhap it would be nice if i could get a wee mention too :)
- Artvsts (http://artvsts.blogspot.com/)
- LilPinkDevil (http://lilpinkdevil.blogspot.com/)
- Maes2ro (http://maes2rology.blogspot.com/)
- OneTwoDelta (http://www.seekglory.com/)
- Orkibal (http://orkibal.fotopages.com/)
- PhuEk! (http://www.phuek.blogspot.com/)
- TheKillerGerbil (http://www.thekillergerbil.com/)
- ZERO (http://zerostarrfighter.blogspot.com/)

IMHO: no point hoarding / holding unto the images for my own gratification and blog-hits, when local talents like the Artvsts are not known throughout the world. if you like what you see, please do let them and the world know :)

other image links:
- via PhuEk!
- Behind-The-Scenes Slideshow starts here [or]

and without any sense of embarassement (not that there could be) or any form of ass-kissery, i say this: t'was great meeting you, PhueK (and da missus), KillerGerbil and ZERO ~ and to the rest of you guys (whom i didn't have a chance to meet): *fantastic job! my respect and my pride goes out to you*
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