LIMPEH Show by Sam Loh / SKL0 @ The Substation Gallery (Aug 6-22)

Opening August 6th at The Substation Gallery, Singapore, is the LIMPEH Show, featuring the art of Samantha Loh AKA SKL0, the creator of the OBEY GIANT-inspired LIMPEH image seen above, used as stickers and assorted goodies.

The LIMPEH Show exhibits thru Saturday 22 August 2015. Admission is Free. Further event details on
"The LIMPEH series is a series of reflections that explore deeper into the current Singaporean sociopolitical climate as well as the sentiments expressed by its citizens. My intrigue was sparked off by the mixed emotions expressed by Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans alike upon mention of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew in this series, which led to a further study into the factors that evoke these reactions from the public. Each piece was created at specific points over the course of his leadership and my learning process on Mr Lee, which serves as documentation on the people’s perception and intrigue of the myth of the man."- Sam Loh

(above image posted on Mr Brown circa 2012 / Pic taken by Joash Loh)