Kult's First Show for 2016: Hot Mesh Opens Feb 26

WHAT-IS: "Silkscreen printing is one of the few art forms that have traversed the limitation of single purpose. From commercial mass production products to special edition prints, we have applied the silkscreen method to produce designs on literally just about anything. As such, we would like to both honour and humbly contribute to this venerable tradition by hosting an all-out, screen-print only exhibition entitled ‘HOT MESH'." (RSVP / Artist List on Facebook

Above: 'Roman Orgy' by Zhou.

Launches Friday February 26th @ Kult Gallery (www.kultmagazine.com.sg). Also featured in this post are the following artwork/artists;

Above-left: 'Down 2 The Bones' by Kristal Melson.
Above-right: 'Tuuti Fruity' by Ben Rider.
Below: 'Ascension' by Dan Mumford.