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Walking out of the air-conditioned comforts of Kallang Wave Mall (first time visit for myself too) into the outdoor sheltered OCBC Square where the 2016 Edition of Star Wars Day SG was held - I was struck by a 'notion'; that if the red cloth skirting of the tables had been "black", or if there were multiple dark colored crates around, it would be like a scene from "Rogue One" - in the aircraft hangar, with the huge covering canopy that which was over OCBC Square… well, at least in my imaginations, anyways… :p

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May 1st Sunday was the second day of the Labor Day weekend when the #May4th celebrations were held, in spirit, of course (May the 4th would be in the middle of the week on a Wednesday, innit? :p), in in typical SG-spirit, we geek-on in advance! (Then maybe geek-on online on Wed too = double the geekery, init? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA

Coming in after attending a wedding, I was not togged out in my Star Wars geek-wear, but nevertheless bumped into some friends - which is always a thrill to meet fellow-geeks, I will not lie - and took some snaps, since uploaded HERE on Facebook, AND a coupla video clips to share!

Seen at #starwarsdaysg #maythe4thsg (part 2/2) #sarwarsday #maythe4th

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On show were a variety of fan-related geekery, from cosplay (a staple of any geek event here in Asia) to lightsaber performances and merchandize, to framed comicbook artwork and toy-photography, and of course "TOYS" - one of the larger influences on folks here, as essentially one if able to partake in the Star Wars Universe, with even a single purchase, and that's all right with me!

From vintage figures to customized awesomeness, feel free to click thru the links below to further features on my dedicated #starwarsallday-blog, showcasing the works of Wetworks, Boyan Customs and PsyfoolRulez Customz!

(A closer look at customs from Boyan Customs HERE on #starwarsallday)

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(A closer look at customs from Wetworks HERE on #starwarsallday)

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(A closer look at customs from PsyfoolRulez-Customz HERE on #starwarsallday)

"Live" drawing came from Rachta Lin ( / Instagram @rachtalin - seen in video above), and the Band of Doodlers (with SG$15 per portrait, to benefit charity), who as well had a quartet of artwork on auction (displayed at the main stage), to benefit Make A Wish Foundation (image below / View more HERE on #starwarsallday).

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Star Wars Day this year was such a "family affair" - at least from the folks I'd had the chance to meet. From recognizing "red lightsabers" to be by the evil "Sith", to kids literally trotting about with a lightsaber in hand, ever ready for a photo-op, was such a warm fuzzy feeling to behold.

The Padawans will soon grow to be full Jedis, while we endure as the remnants of the Old Republic … Feels kinda "sad", and exhilarating at the same time!

Kudos to the organizers for keeping The Force alive, and May The Force Be With You All!



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