Star Wars Mooncakes from Mei-Xin Available In Singapore


The Mid-Autumn Festival is upon us (15th September), and what better way to celebrate the Chinese heritage, AND your love for Star Wars, with these Star Wars-themed Mooncakes!

Two flavours are available: DARTH VADER (4 x Chocolate Lava Mooncakes) and STORMTROOPER (4 x Egg Custard mooncakes) - both of whom constitutes a “set” - with the SRP of each set SGD$104 - but purchased via Groupon is only $58! Check the link for further details …


Made by Hong Kong’s Mei-Xin bakery, this apparently is a legit product made in collaboration with Disney. For sure the collectibility is in the packaging / tin boxes! If I had them, I’d keep my SW action figures and trading cards inside hahaha

The mooncakes are perishables tho, so they need to enter your stomach … loving the Imperial emblem in the Darth Vader Mooncakes! … but am unsure if the Rebellion Emblem on the Stormtrooper mooncakes “work” hahaha.

[ More images HERE on #starwarsallday ]

Retail booths are available in select malls in Singapore tho, including West Gate, Tampines Mall (Yay! close to where I live!), Novena, NEX in Serangoon, Causeway Point, VIVO City etc - check in with their for further info, and for when their promotional booths end their run.