Noise Sessions 2017 with Artgerm & OIC - Organisation of Illustrators Council

Noise Sessions is an initiative by Noise Singapore, in collaboration with OIC- Organisation of Illustrators Council, where regular workshops, talks and networking sessions are held throughout the year to provide participants with arts exposure. For the coming weekends, two events has since been announced: “Noise Sessions : Artgerm” and “DRAW’em, PRINT’em, SELL’em”.

As well NOISE has partnered up with LASALLE College of the Arts, who will be the venue for the events - specifically at the Lecture Theatre, Block F Level 2 #F202 (LASALLE @ 1 McNally Street Singapore 187940).

Here’s a look at both events announced thus far;

Registration: 11:45am
Lecture + Q&A: 12:00pm - 2:30pm
Short Break: 2:45pm - 3:00pm
Live Demo: 3:00pm - 5:00pm
ARTIST BIO: "Born and bred in Hong Kong, the multifaceted Stanley Lau AKA Artgerm wears different hats as an illustrator, designer, concept artist, creative director and co-founder of Imaginary Friends Studios — a world acclaimed digital art studio that produces high quality artworks for the likes of Capcom, DC Comics, Valve, Riot Games and other giants in the entertainment and gaming industry. To this date, Stanley’s online art gallery on deviantART has been viewed for more than 50 million times and have 500, 000 active followers around the world.

Formally trained in graphic design and advertising, Stanley’s art is imbued with a strong sense of aesthetics and visual fluidity. It is a perfect blend of eastern and western art styles. Better known by his handle Artgerm, Stanley’s art continues to infect and inspire new generations of artists and his ever-growing fan base around the world. To this date, Stanley’s online art gallery on deviantART has been viewed for more than 50 million times and have 500, 000 active followers around the world."

This one-day-only event is scheduled for Saturday February 18th (12pm – 5pm) and will be a ticketed admission of SG$20 (Purchase Tix Here) with a complimentary autographed poster limited to registered attendees.

Registration: 10:45am
Presentation: 11:00am - 11:45pm
Panel Discussions: 11:45pm - 12:15pm
Q&A: 12:15pm - 12:30pm
Portfolio: 2pm - 4pm

The “DRAW’em, PRINT’em, SELL’em” Noise Session will feature illustrators Twisstii / Minqi, Jerry Teo (Rex Regrets), Max Loh and Benjamin Chee as they share with attendees learn how to move beyond inspired ideas and weekend projects to gaining an audience and having people pay for your illustrated products.

Scheduled for a one-day session on February 25th (11am - 4pm) - this event is ticketed admission, priced at SG$10 for Lecture and SG$15 for Lecture + Portfolio review. Purchase tickets online and read more info here!

"One of the main headache I have when I organise events, collabs in OIC is that very few artists are keen to walk the talk. Many like and benefitted from the activities and events but few are willing to put in the hours and energy to make it work and make things happen.
Here is a new talk by a group of our favourite people, because they are diligent in their own practice, humble, keen to share and will chip in to help build our community even when we are all equally busy - Twisstii, Jer Bear Teo , Benjamin Chee , Maximilian Loh! I am so happy that we have people like them to work with! Come and hear them share!"
- shared Michael Ng (Co-founder at OIC OIC- Organisation of Illustrators Council)

(Page-flip videos for publications from the panelists, purchased at IAF2016)