STAMP = Licensed Street Art in Singapore?

this piece of interesting news popped into my inbox [via FARM] of a "nation wide project that celebrates the city, city-life and (you) the city-dweller. 40 city post-boxes have been selected for makeovers and await your magic touch! If you have an idea of a good post-box design, you might actually get to paint it onto a post-box and showcase your design to the rest of the country" = STAMP; Singapore’s First Nation-wide Postbox Public Art Competition!
"STAMP is the first project to be supported in the second cycle of URA’s Architecture and Urban Design Excellence (A•UDE) Promotion Programme ... STAMP will provide a platform for the community to add a personal touch to and build a new identity for their physical surroundings through the creation of their very own “mini-monuments” out of postboxes. The organisers hope that through this, people will grow to appreciate the role that art & design plays in influencing and enriching their day-to-day experiences and the environment around them."
ie: licensed street art (IMHO) ~ and you might get paid too! as artists of top 40 designs will get to showcase their work on 40 postboxes in the civic, cultural, shopping and business districts in Singapore’s city area - with the Public to voting up to top 10 designs in nation-wide competition, with overall winners of each category bagging $5,000 cash while eight merit winners will be awarded $500 each.

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