A4 Art Show: A Visual Art Show Featuring Works No Larger Than The Standard A4 Paper Size

PRESS: The A4ArtShow was born as a reaction to the financial and logistical perplexities which complicate Art making, Exhibiting, Transportation & Storage for Emerging Artists in Space Scare cities such as Singapore / Tokyo / Shanghai / New York Etc. By eliminating the risk associated with making + exhibiting art, we aim to create a no-holds barred art show, whereby creators can push the boundaries of experimentation. This results in a diverse and wide range of works for each show, giving visitors a unique experience.

Small Works. Big Ideas. Annual $10k SGD Art Prize.

PRESS: The A4ArtShow’s vision is to free artists to create and exhibit without the encumberences they might face when invested in bigger projects or art fairs. The wide range of Artists in every show creates a dynamic synergy and test bed for every form of visual expression. Artists are free to create any artwork within the A4 size & exhibit up to 3 artworks. To encourage Artists to create compelling works The A4 ART SHOW gives out an annual $10,000 SGD Art Prize to one selected winner each year.

Artists Keep 90% Of Proceeds From All Exhibition Sales.
Early Bird Submissions Now Open on www.a4artshow.com
"Artists love creating work, but let’s be clear: selling work is never a sure thing. However, at least when you do, you’ll get to keep 90% of it. New artists experimenting with works also get the benefit of showing their work alongside more established Artists & Potential Inclusion in Future Shows and Projects with our Partnering Art Galleries in Shanghai and Singapore. There is no limitation of type of art / mediums accepted, but of course we ask Artists to be respectful of the usual tenets of human decency in terms of race, religion, sexuality, freedom of choice and to regard their fellow humans with respect." (A4 Art Show)