Final Artwork Teasers & Print Previews for #WhereTheWILDLINGSat" - Opening June 19 @ GLITCH Singapore

Final rounds of promo blasts has these montaged teasers peppering the Facebook Events page of group art show "Where the WILDLINGS at" opening Friday June 19th @ Glitch Singapore (188-8 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 436990).

Also teased below are snaps of a couple of prints available, featuring art from Livia Prima and Tell Your Children, with each Digital Archival Print (A2 Sized 300gsm Paper) limited to 30pcs and priced at SGD$100 each. For inquiries please contact:

Above: Margaery Tyrell by Livia Prima
Below: Valar Morghulis by Tell Your Children

Also featured above is original artwork by artist @varsamkurnia - "A Song of Ice and Fire". Watercolor and Color pencils on 300gsm Watercolor Hotpress paper. Looks to be quite a celebration, and a much needed pep considering the finale of the latest season of Game of Thrones, where Jon Snow … naaaah, don't need to spoil the spoiler here :p