#GameofThrones themed arts show "Where the WILDLINGS at" @ Glitch Singapore (Opens June 19)

EVENT PRESS: "From King’s Landing to the Iron Banks of Braavos, the regal world of Game of Thrones is both beautiful and deadly. From Essos to Westeros, travellers have come forth to paint tales of Adventure, to spin portraits of Kings and Queens long gone, and maybe indulge in a bit of Revelry. Each one tells an individual story, maybe to inspire, maybe to deceive. You’ll never know what to expect, so watch your back, because Winter is Coming."

40+ artists from Indonesia and Singapore have come together to showcase their unique renditions of "Game of Thrones" - the book + television series that has, and is still sweeping modern civilization - in an art show titled "Where the WILDLINGS at", launching June 19th at Glitch Singapore (188-8 Tanjong Katong Road). RSVP via the Events Facebook page. The artworks are available for pre-order. For inquiries please contact: jon@glitch.sg.

(Originally blogged #onTOYSREVIL)

Above artwork by Deon Phua (www.deonasaurus.com of Tell Your Children)

Above artwork by Sheena Aw AKA CaramelLaw (iamcaramelaw.com / Facebook)

Above artwork by Isuardi Therianto (DeviantART / Twitter)

Above artwork by Varsam Kurnia (Tumblr)

Above "Sansa Stark of Winterfell" art by Pratama Eka Dharma
- IG @Pedmons / Behance)
(Above 'Dracarys' art by EBAO - IG @ebao_art Behance / Facebook)

(Above art by Megan Boey AKA Sakyru - IG @sakyru / Tumblr / DeviantArt)
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(Above art by Erkartoon - IG @erikartoon Tumblr / Etsy / Facebook)

(Above art by Jojie Atomick - IG @atomickaboom / darkfolio)

Above art by Joel Lee (DeviantART)

Above art by Kristal Melson (she-force-feeds.com / Behance)

Above art by Eric Foenander (Tumblr / Facebook)

Above art by Anthea T. AKA Ratking (IG @ratking / ratking.flavors.me)

Above art by Kelvin Chan (DeviantART / Facebook)

Above art by Damien Soh (DeviantART)

Above Art by Reptiliaphobia

Above art by Dawn Ang AKA Aeropalmics
(IG @aeropalmics / www.aeropalmics.com)

Singapore Artist Roster:
Gary Choo / AMIEN / Kristal Melson / Sakyru / Pedmons / Shawn Ye / Tell Your Children / INK & CLOG / Reptiliaphobia / Ratking / Atomick / Aeropalmics / Erika Tan / Joel Lee / World of Caramelaw / Jerry Teo / Annuendo, Annabella Goh / Kelvin Chan

Indonesia Artist Roster:
Aditya Suryadarma / Dhanank Pambayun / Mayumi Haryoto / Monez Guzmang / Muhammad Taufiq / Papang Jakfar / Resatio Adi Putra / Revoltan / Sheila Rooswitha / Sweta Kartika / Timothy Istianto / Tommy Chandra / Viona Paramita