#SG50 Commemorative $50 + $10 Dollor Bills

"The notes' designs draw inspiration from significant milestones and achievements in Singapore's history, multiracialism, and the values and aspirations that underpin Singapore's progress. For example, the S$50 note shows Singapore's first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, shouting "Merdeka!".

Both the S$50 and S$10 notes also have security features that are the first of their kind in the world to be used on a currency note. For example, the security stripe on the S$50 note has a unique see-through feature with "image movement effects" that create depth to the image of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. The SG50 logo has "colour-switching effects", with the year flipping from "1965" to "2015".

The SG50 commemorative notes were designed by local artists and designers Chua Mia Tee, Eng Siak Loy, Weng Ziyan and Fabian Lim."
(Reported www.businesstimes.com.sg)
"The public can exchange the SG50 commemorative notes at face value at the branches of nine major retail banks: DBS Bank/POSB, OCBC, United Overseas Bank, Bank of China, Citibank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Maybank, Standard Chartered Bank and HSBC.

Singaporeans will be given priority to exchange the notes from Aug 20 to Sept 30, 2015. From Oct 1 onwards, the SG50 notes will be made available to non-Singaporeans as well."
(Reported www.businesstimes.com.sg)