LIMPEH Wood Print from SKL0

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"Oh hi there I'm just holding this wood print up to let y'all know that I'm making these cos some of you have been asking and I like you. Will be capping these to an edition of 50, reach out if you'd like one."
Teased Samantha LO AKA SKL0. DM her on Instagram (click on above image linked) or hit up "" to check for pricing and availability … go get sum LIMPEH!

WHAT-IS: "LIMPEH" by Sam Lo started as a sticker in the wild, depicting the late Lee Kuan Yew ala the visual aesthetics of OBEY, which became a calling card for the local artist, and has since led to a solo show and various merchandize including a limited run of tees and silk screened prints.

"LIMPEH" is Hokkien for "Your Father", used as a Singapore colloquial slang meaning "Your Father, Me".