Seen @ Artists Anonymous: Creative Self-Help at That Spare Room (May 5-15, 2016)

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A planned Mother's Day visit brought me to "ARTIST ANONYMOUS" one fine Sunday yesterday, situated at That Spare Room (apart of The Fabulous Baker Boy cafe).
WHAT-IS: "“Artists Anonymous: Creative Self-Help” is a group art exhibition which seeks to explore identity, both on an individual level, as well as within a community.

The title is based on that of support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, meant for people seeking support with specific adversities in their life, such as grief, illness or addiction. In the context of being an artist, these struggles are about overcoming inner barriers, creative blocks, and the fears of exhibiting one’s truth through art.

In addition to this, the group also explores the workings of a creative community open to an everyday audience in getting them to explore, express and connect through art."
(Facebook Events Page)

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The artshow features work from 5 artists, namely; Ang Ee Sock, Stephanie Hew, Shenly Yee, Marliana Lee and MaryAnn Loo (who also curated the show). Folks are as well encouraged to follow the path and order (entrance facing in, starting clockwise from left) of the artists, to view the progression of the individual "stories".

"Sleep Tight" by #AngEeSick @eesick at #ArtistsAnonymous at #thatspareroom

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"The Muse" by #StephanieHew @inkycatstudio for #ArtistsAnonymous at #thatspareroom

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I've Instagrammed my fav art from each of the artists (shown here), and uploaded the rest unto THIS dedicated Facebook album.

Besides the original artwork on display and sales, there were prints of select artwork to be had (from Visualtroop), as well as postcards and printed totes. Don't forget to sign in the individual artists' Guest Books situated at the inside entrance of the venue, and as well there's a wall where folks can leave their own self-portraits (sketched on the spot on colored post-it notes), which was a fun interactive element of the show.

"Sunshine After The Rain" by #ShenlyYee @wackymons at #ArtistsAnonymous at #thatspareroom

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Thanks for the invite, Shenly!

Shenly had shared that the artwork she had produced for this show was likened to a "breakthrough" for herself, with this being the first time she had depicted the artist herself, seen here surrounded by her Wackymons characters (whom I found to be actually "parasites" = "good" parasites tho!) - seen in my fav canvas painting (and Shenly's own choice too) "feeding off" her creativity, which Shenly freely allowed the to, to bring her ideas and art, to the rest of the world! Congrats, Shenly!

"Marimo's Face" by #MarlianaLee for #ArtistsAnonymous @ #thatspareroom

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"Bipolar" by #MaryAnnLoo @penguingirl_art for #ArtistsAnonymous at #thatspareroom

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"Artists Anonymous: Creative Self-Help" launched May 5th, and exhibits thru May 15th @ "That Spare Room" @ The Fabulous Baker Boy (#01-15, 70 River Valley Rd, Singapore 179037).

The gallery space is situated at The Fabulous Baker Boy cafe (only signage to the cafe can be found), located at 'The Foothills' of Fort Canning Park - essentially the locale of the previous "River Valley Swimming Center", opposite of Liang Court, a short jaunt across the over-head bridge to.

Opening Hours are: Tuesday-Saturday: 11am - 10pm / Sundays: 11am - 5pm. The show is closed on Mondays (May 9).

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